Gold Price Charts

gold priceThe price of gold has been rising for the past decade due to the inflationary effects of money printing, which is resulting in the destabilization of the U.S. dollar. Many forecasters predict a rise in gold price over the coming decade due to the constant quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve.

While the gold price has been fluctuating widely, this has been due to futures trading by the large brokerage houses who are trading gold futures and setting off program trading systems. The fluctuations in gold bullion do not represent the selling of actual gold bullion coins, but the manipulation of gold prices by brokerage houses who are mainly controlled by the central bankers who do not want the public to see rising precious metals prices, as this will signal that there is something that something is amiss with our financial system and fiat currency. Therefore, the manipulation by central bankers has been causing the price of gold and silver prices to fluctuate widely to scare out the masses in investing in the one area that can save their hard earned money from the dollar devaluation that is impending. Experts such as Jim Rogers, Max Keiser and Bob Chapman say that the coming decade will show a huge rise in gold and silver prices. Pay no attention to the near term fluctuations and invest according to underlying fundamentals of the financial system.

24 Hour Gold Price Chart
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3 Month Gold Price Chart
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1 Year Gold Price Chart
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