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Bethany Lewis 4/26/2013

About: Bethany Lewis, Financial Reporter, New York
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When the amount of paper dollars in circulation grows exponentially, the value of the currency becomes less and less over time. This is when people turn to precious metals such as gold and silver bullion as a way to protect their life savings. Those who plan ahead for the biggest wealth transfer in history will be able to protect their wealth with precious metals investing. If gold and silver prices appreciate as experts predict, one can hedge the dollar and also grow their wealth.

The two most widespread types of precious metals investment opportunities are gold and silver bullion and coin investing. One of the good things about coins is that its small measurement makes the gold transportable in cases of emergencies. On the other hand, gold bullion bars are quite heavy and can be hard to move around. All that you need is a just secure vault or safe where you can store your precious metals. There are some precious metal investors who prefer silver coins over gold, but most investors make sure that they have both. These kind of coins can be purchased from various sources including online stores, coin dealers and online brokers. With precious metals, some people opt to buy gold exchange traded funds, but experts believe that it’s best to actual have the real thing that you can hold in your hands. The shrinking of physical inventories are dwindling and the demand for metals is increasing, as the dollar is devalued. The supply and demand are one of the biggest factors that play a role in determining the gold price as well as silver prices.

Given the state-worldwide economies and also the global financial crisis, never before have we witnessed an unmatched level of foreign exchange inflation plus the debasing of all currencies. As an example, the US dollar has been progressively falling in the past 9 years with only a few imbalances in 2009/20010. The actual US dollar being a ‘paper’ entity has been losing value more and more each year, meaning it will require more money to obtain silver coins or gold bullion than ever before. We can’t provide financial advise since what’s right for one individual may not be appropriate for another person. If you can manage it, acquire a variety of coins for your portfolio to complement different desired goals. Since World War II, the United States has sold around 5 billion oz . of precious metal. The U.S. government currently does not have any reported silver kept in storage.

One of the ‘new’ solutions is basically one of the oldest investment methods in the world. It is precious metals investments, and very surprisingly, not merely gold either. Gold and silver coins have been the foundation for foreign currency since the notion was employed, and even these days, currency valuations are immediately affected by the actual values of these metals. The actual dollar devaluation has only supported the desire to invest in several options coming from a high gold and silver prices. The most popular gold and silver coins are the American Eagle Gold coins which are produced by the United States Mint.

A free market should really operate, without interference from manipulators. Demand and supply is more of an economic price determent in comparison with anything. It will take a market object (product) to find the equilibrium price and demand for a product or service. When you buy a modern silver bullion coin just like the American Silver Eagle, a premium is going to be added to the price of the coin. All in all we expect much higher silver prices and gold prices over the coming millennium.

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